Friday, 14 October 2016

Christmas Advent Calendar

I just finished an Christmas advent calendar in October!
I'm shocked but extremely happy because this is a gift for my very dear friend, Juanita.
Juanita is one of those crazy people who starts thinking about decorating for Christmas in July.
I start thinking about decorating for Christmas around December 24.

We've been friends forever....our kids have grown up together, we scrapbooked together, we cried together, and every year since we met I watched in awe as she transformed her home into a beautiful Christmas wonderland. I lived vicariously through her amazing decorating sense.

Well, this year I finally get to add a bit of my craftiness to her home.

Just a quick FYI - there are 72 days until Christmas.

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  1. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift Julia, beautifully decorated, your friend will love it! Deb xo


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