Thursday, 5 January 2017

Northern Lights Card

Happy New Year, my crafty friends!

Resolutions. Love 'em? Hate 'em?
I'm kind of indifferent, I guess. 
However, I decided that to really ramp up my creative juices in 2017
that I need to make an effort to enter more challenges. 

So this blog is a project for  Creative Carte Blanche and their 
January Art Challenge - Baby, It's Cold Outside.

I decided to make a card using a 'new to me' technique - salt!
I wanted to create a wintery Northern Lights feel.

I started with a 6"x 4" piece of 140lb watercolour paper, Turquoise Color Burst,
large watercolor brush, a salt shaker and clean water.

First, I took my brush and brushed some clean water in a square on the
watercolor paper. I gave the water a few seconds to sit then I sprinkled the
Colorburst over the wet area.
I used the brush to push the color around the wet area.

After sprinkling on some salt I let the card dry. 

After the card dried I brushed away the salt. I loved the effect!

I used my Misti to stamp a tree line image over the ColorBurst. I love the Misti for stamping
on watercolor paper since I can stamp it multiple times and get a nice image.

While the ink was still wet I embossed the image with fine black embossing powder.

To add a snowy effect I stamped with the halftone stamp and clear emboss-it.
I sprinkled Soft Fallen Snow embossing powder from Emerald Creek & then heat set.

~Finished Card~

Challenge Submitted:


  1. Oh I love this card. The salt technique has a great effect! Now I need a Misti thingy... Looking forward to you ramping up your creativity.

  2. I though the trees were die cuts because they are so dark and complete. I just bought a MISTI and am learning how to use it. I love your northern lights winter sky. It is wonderful. Salt!! I must remember to try that sometime.

    Beautiful card.

  3. Wow Julia, the salt and Color Bursts really created a stunning sky and I love how you did the stars - this is a truly gorgeous card! Love!! Anne xx

  4. This is brilliant, Julia! Love the card and the techniques you've used! <3 <3

  5. Julia I love your piece. Great idea to use salt with the Color Bursts and the Misti to position the tree line. Definitely looks "Cold Outside!". Thank you so much for joining us at Creative Carte Blanche!

  6. Julia..your card is amazing! I have seen the salt technique but embarrassed to say I've not tried it YET! You've inspired me to be like Nike and JUST DO IT! Love your winter night sky and the embossed treeline against it. That is striking! I also love the white space. What a lovely "frame" for your art! Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing with all of us at Creative Carte Blanche!

  7. Just beautiful, Julia! You have achieved a very real effect of a cold, clear night. Living in Canada, I'm sure you've seen this sky many times. Just gorgeous!


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