Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Another Altered Book Journey

Hello my crafty friends! Welcome to my blog. As you can see by my lack of posts, the warmer the weather gets the less I craft. It's just too darn nice outside!

I am here to share another altered book....this one more of a diorama style.
I was inspired by this quote:

'I don't want to just read books, I want to crawl inside of them and live there.'

I love books.....all kinds of books but especially the old ones. The yellowed, musty pages and just so lovely. For this project I chose a 50 year old book on the "Principals of Economics". Snoresville, am I right? Perfect for taking an x-acto knife to and cutting a rectangle shape through the cover and about 2/3rds of the the way through the book.

I glued into my book a lovely forest scene from another old book that belongs to my craft bestie - Nicole Wright. I also borrowed her set of Stabilo 3 in 1 Woody Pencils to watercolour in my forest scene. These pencils are fantastic and keep their gorgeous bright colours even after they dry!

 Once this was dry I closed the book and used a white glue to seal all the edges of the book. A giant clip helped hold everything together while the glue dried.

Once everything was dry I started building my scene with moss, and pieces of wood from my stash. I added a few Tiny Tattered Flowers and Leaves and some Paper Dolls.

The quote that inspired this project was made using words I found in a couple of books I had.

I am so please with how this turned out. Another home decor item to add to my book shelf.


  1. I bought those paper dolls at your crop! I am having too much fun with them. Love them in your "book"!!

  2. Very cool. The background picture surprises me because the colors show up so nicely. I like the theme of the project as well.


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